About 3 Sheets



3 Sheets Editions invites artists to explore possibilities which would normally be overlooked or not even considered in silk screen printmaking, expanding the boundaries of what is possible. We want to see how creative artists can get by exploiting different aspects unique to the printing process, as well as experimenting with new ways of creating prints.

With each project, we facilitate the artists’ exploration of the work. We open our professional art studio facilities to multiple types of creative processes, incorporating different mediums and substrates into the final edition. The aim is to make editions that intrigue viewers, while simultaneously educating them of the production process.

How It Works

3 Sheets references the phrase “3 sheets to the wind.” Although it is not strictly required for any parties to be drunk while making art, having a cocktail can break the ice and loosen people up. Our professional mixologist, Justin Graham, specifically tailors each cocktail to the artist and/or their project.

When the final edition is released, collectors will receive a package of 3 sheets.
Included in the package:

– One signed fine art print from the edition with the Serio Press studio embossment
– One Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist and Master Printer
– One copy of the custom drink recipe made for the artist


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