Joseph Paul Gerges “Requiem”

3 Sheets Editions: 1 Fine Art Print + 1 Certificate of Authenticity + 1 Custom Drink Recipe

The second 3 Sheets Editions release is a 14 color serigraph. Printing this many colors on the smooth surface of the Sirio Ultra Black paper gave us an opportunity to get an incredible build up of texture on this edition. In the photos below you can see some of the build up but to really experience this print it should be seen and felt in person (with clean fingers of course).

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In his most recent work, Los Angeles based Egyptian American artist Joseph Paul Gerges, employs an anthropomorphic association to animals as a symbolic parable for human suffrage, pain, vulnerability, and survival. These frozen moments exile the romantic extolling in its place the poignant realities of life and mortality. By creating an altarpiece to the simultaneous confrontation and seduction of these human experiences, Gerges crafts a visual language for our collective humanness.

Joseph Paul Gerges graduated from Art Center College of Design and received his master’s degree in drawing and painting from California State University, Fullerton. His work has investigated complex narratives that embody the struggles of the human condition. Joseph’s work has spanned a multitude of genres including painting, drawing, printmaking, film, sculpture, and animation. His feature film documentary directorial debut, “Solo”, was featured at the Columbus International Film Festival, the Da Vinci Film Festival, and the George Lindsey Una film festival to name a few. His artwork has been exhibited in solo shows in Los Angeles and Atlanta and in museums and galleries nationally and internationally. His work has also been featured in New American Paintings, Art & Antiques, and ArtScene, among many other publications.
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